Employee Benefits With A Positive Impact

Benefits of Impact Suite

Your employees deserve the best benefits package, one that serves their needs along with the needs of their families. Impact Suite positively impacts your employees by providing directed and personalized workplace wellness help through safe, easy-to-use apps. Our experts designed resources for the entire team to find healing, recovery, and personal growth.

How Does Online Wellness Work?

For many of us, asking for help isn’t easy—no matter how badly we need assistance. Asking for help is even more difficult when the challenges we’re facing are difficult to discuss. Issues like mental health, addiction, and recovery can be hard to bring up in an office or other professional setting, making the individuals most in need of help less likely to receive the attention they need. That’s why Impact Suite’s online wellness services are anonymous and easy to use. Through the Impact Suite app, your employees can find self-guided wellness services and connect online with professional therapists.

Real-Time, Meaningful Help, with Whatever Your People Are Facing

With Impact Suite, your employees get the support they need to achieve personal wellness and growth through a suite of award-winning digital wellness apps, messaging trained coaches, and access to certified therapists. No matter what challenges your employees are dealing with, we provide real help, in real-time.

A Single Hub to Access
All Your Benefits

No benefit can help an employee if they don’t know how to access it. The Impact Suite app offers a single solution with its user-friendly hub that serves as the gateway to services like teletherapy and 24/7 crisis support. Employees can download a single app during onboarding and then rest easy, knowing that help is one tap away.

A Suite of On-Demand Self-Care and Prevention Tools

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People need help in ways that make sense for them. That's why we provide an on-demand suite of comprehensive mental health and wellness apps that focus on critical and specific lifestyle areas. Our goal is to engage all employees, not just those in need of professional intervention.

Support and Encouragement Throughout the Journey

Every human should have the opportunity to achieve wellness in all aspects of their lives. We help your employees find healing and recovery through our suite of evidence-based digital tools and real-life connections. Our purpose is to help people improve their lives.

Teletherapy & Coaching

It’s never been easier to access professional help. Through our apps, your team can meet virtually with a therapist or connect with an expert coach on a schedule that works for them.

Leadership Training

Supporting your people through a mental health crisis can be tough. Our team ensures your leaders are equipped with the knowledge and skills to help their people through mental health challenges.

24/7 Support

Receive immediate support through a personal or family crisis or schedule a therapy appointment.

Why is Workplace Wellness Important?

Within the last few years, more attention has been drawn to the fact the health and happiness of employees are crucial to the operation of any business that wants to avoid high attrition and save money. Workplace wellness programs and mental health services through Impact Suite are the most straightforward and pragmatic means to provide your employees with the benefits they need and build a better company culture. Impact Suite offers on-demand self-care and preventative tools that deliver more to your employees than traditional assistance programs.

Developing a culture of employee wellness throughout your company reaps great rewards. When your staff is living their best, most fulfilling lives, they engage in their jobs and are excited to produce their best work.

Job performance aside, workplace wellness programs establish an excellent company culture. Research shows that when people neglect one or more wellness attributes, whether physical, emotional, social, mental, occupational, environmental, financial, or purposeful, the other dimensions may suffer. Contrarily, if you make an effort to improve one aspect of your life, the benefits can expand across other parts of life. Workplace wellness is the practice of helping your people take care of themselves throughout the day.

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How Do Employee Wellness Programs Impact Companies?

Safe, secure, and easy to access mental health programs are an important way businesses and professional leaders can care for their workers and improve their overall productivity. The top workplace wellness programs provide companies with the consistency to enable their employees to pursue healthy lifestyles. A company that implements beneficial mental wellness and emotional stability processes from Impact Suite retains its employees and becomes a sought-after place to work.

As employee wellness has become a higher priority for many companies, they want to ensure that the programs are easy for their teams to engage in and use. Healthy, happy staff tend to take fewer sick days and afternoons off for doctor appointments. Additionally, workplace wellness and assistance services enable employees to accomplish more during working hours. The on-demand self-care preventative tools from Impact Suite allow you to wisely and impactfully invest in your employees' health and wellness, which can significantly benefit your organization.

A well-constructed and implemented wellness program will also improve your bottom line, and you can be sure that it will help you and your people live healthier and happier lives. From reduced health care costs to increased employee morale, a workplace wellness program has many benefits. At the end of the day, the Impact Suite team is ready to help you and your company achieve overall health and emotional wellness through our assistance solutions.

At Impact Suite, we could see that most traditional employee assistance programs were no longer meeting the precise needs of today's workforce. Specifically, providing the type of help that addresses the real-world challenges people face. A useable employee wellness program is an organized, employer-sponsored program that supports employees—and when needed, their families. Because mental health and emotional wellness take time to establish, our on-demand suite of programs helps employees and their families adopt and sustain behaviors that reduce health risks, improve quality of life, enhance personal effectiveness, and benefit the organization's bottom line.

Employees are the company's heart, and your company's success is the result of their collective skills and dedication. The overall well-being of a company's employees is critical to its success. Unfortunately, approximately one-third of any business's employees struggle with mental illness or battle addiction. Overall health and wellness challenges can seriously impact productivity, medical expenses, and employee retention. Untreated mental issues cost US employers about $300 billion a year. The benefits of providing an employee wellness program outweigh the cost of missed work, poor company culture, and loss of valuable team members.

Wellness platforms provide materials and solutions that will allow your company to create a workplace program that adequately meets the need of your teams and your company. The workplace wellness solutions from Impact Suite include access to a mobile app and website that offer personalized and directed program materials.

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Contact Impact Suite to Start Impacting Your Teams for Good

No matter what you, your employees, or their family members are struggling with - from mental health challenges to addiction, from sexual compulsivity to creating a higher quality of life - there is hope. You can impact your company’s most important assets by providing your employees fresh perspective and a concrete pathway to lasting freedom and wellness. Contact Impact Suite and learn more today.