Mental Health Solutions
by Impact Suite

Your Favorite EAP

Impact Suite offers programs that address mental health challenges to companies, giving them powerful tools to share with their employees. Companies have seen the need to expand their mental well-being programs to help employees with their personal struggles. Rather than a universal plan that doesn't cover everyone's needs, Impact Suite offers diversified solutions to help on the individual level, providing specific education and community support from others who truly know what they’re going through. We offer these apps:


Personal Growth

Someday starts today. Climb is designed to support individuals who want to set goals, find meaningful personal growth, and build the lives they really want.


Depression & Anxiety

A calmer, happier you. Lift is a self-guided app for depression and anxiety created to help individuals find more peace, connection, and purpose in life.


Substance Abuse

Turn is a tool to help with addiction. Addiction is a problem that affects countless individuals across a wide spectrum of severity.


Sexual Compulsivity

Quit porn for good. Fortify helps individuals struggling with compulsive sexual behaviors find education and community to assist them in reaching lasting freedom.


Digitial-Age Parenting

Raise is a free parenting app that helps families navigate the challenges of today’s digital landscape.

Real-Time, Meaningful Help, with Whatever Your People Are Facing

With Impact Suite, your employees get the support they need to achieve personal wellness and growth through a suite of award-winning digital wellness apps, messaging trained coaches, and access to certified therapists. No matter what challenges your employees are dealing with, we provide real help, in real-time.

Contact Impact Suite to Start Impacting Your Teams for Good

No matter what you, your employees, or their family members are struggling with - from mental health challenges to addiction, from sexual compulsivity to creating a higher quality of life - there is hope. You can impact your company’s most important assets by providing your employees fresh perspective and a concrete pathway to lasting freedom and wellness. Contact Impact Suite and learn more today.