Mental Health Support for You and Your Employees

Impact Suite’s employee wellness program provides the highest level of support for your teams. In addition to professional teletherapy and 24/7 phone support, we give your leadership the training and understanding to ensure they can assist any employee who needs our services.

Because health and wellness are realities of everyday life, comprehensive employee assistance should include corporate wellness programs that provide directed and viable solutions, like 24-hours a day, 7-days a week support. Impact Suite offers corporate wellness programs that support and encourage a holistic approach to employee wellbeing. We provide the best wellness support for your employees, ensuring access to mental wellness programs that cultivate a stable and prosperous employee base.

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Lifestyle Coaching and Professional Teletherapy

We make it easy for employees to connect with a professional anonymously, without needing to talk to HR. This provides extra privacy and relief to employees who might not otherwise reach out for help. It’s safe, secure, and personalized. Through our coaching program, employees can also speak with specific experts from our panel of lifestyle specialists, each credentialed in areas that can make a difference for mood and overall well-being, such as mental health, exercise, finances, stress, sleep, relationships, addiction recovery, mindfulness, time management, and nutrition.

Workplace Wellness Consulting for Your Leadership Team

Impact Suite empowers your staff with mental health resources and emotional support through our corporate wellness programs. We train you to ensure you know how to maintain a healthy workplace environment, as well as help your teams find the programs and services available through our platform that best meet each employee’s needs. In short, we teach you everything you need to know to help your employees.

24/7 Phone Support

Our 24/7 support benefit instantly connects your employees with someone who can support them with their crisis, help them set up a therapy appointment, or connect them to the appropriate experts for specialized support.

Impact Suite's 24/7 support line does not replace specialized hotlines like the National Suicide Prevention Hotline or 911. Emergency numbers are staffed with experts in those specific issues and will often be the best resource for anyone facing that circumstance. If that is the case, our team will connect callers with the support line that's right for them. Individuals can call us any time to get the support they need from our team, or we connect them with specialized teams who can help them best.

Contact Impact Suite to Start Impacting Your Teams for Good

No matter what you, your employees, or their family members are struggling with - from mental health challenges to addiction, from sexual compulsivity to creating a higher quality of life - there is hope. You can impact your company’s most important assets by providing your employees fresh perspective and a concrete pathway to lasting freedom and wellness. Contact Impact Suite and learn more today.