Are Workplace Wellness Programs Worth It?

Work Wellness

Impact Suite's employee wellness programs support and encourage a holistic approach to emotional and mental wellbeing by creating an organizational culture that human resources departments need.

Employee Wellness Programs

An Investment Worth the Cost

At Impact Suite, we help you provide your teams with a corporate wellness solution that extends beyond traditional assistance programs by cultivating healthy habits and promoting therapeutic lifestyle changes.

When it comes to workplace wellness, some individuals may worry whether there is a sufficient return on investment and wonder whether implementing a wellness program justifies the cost. But the research is clear, and the truth is employee wellness programs reduce ever-rising health care costs and minimize employee attrition. Effective wellness platforms improve the outcomes for your employees while increasing productivity and optimizing human resource investments and employee engagement.

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Why Do We Need A Workplace Wellness Program?

Properly designed workplace wellness programs help employers lower healthcare costs while providing other cost savings expenditures and competitive advantages. Over ⅓ of your employees are struggling with mental illness or battling addiction, and it's not just at-risk employees who suffer from factors that can lead to costly and avoidable issues with their health.

Fortunately, you can offer a solution that assists your teams and benefits your company. Utilizing our employee wellness services means your team gets the emotional help they deserve with a benefits package that meets their needs and the needs of their families.

We take a holistic approach to emotional health. Our workplace wellness programs encourage an organizational culture of emotional, physical, and mental health inside your company.

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Effective And Affordable
Employee Wellness

There is always a need for workplace wellness programs. When employers realize they cannot expect the highest performance standards without recognizing and supporting the human factor, they clamor for an effective and affordable employee wellness program.

Incentives and time off are important to stress and wellness, but on their own, they don't drive long-term growth or improve corporate culture. On the flip side, penalties hurt morale by shifting emphasis away from a supportive workplace environment to a punitive one. This approach harms long-term wellness.

To be most effective, employees must trust both the wellness program and the employer's motives for offering it. Trust builds as the CEO and other leadership support the program and use it themselves. Transparency is critical, and employers should have open conversations around the company's belief in a healthy workplace for their teams.

Employee wellbeing solutions from Impact Suite provide virtual, evidence-based results for individuals facing depression and anxiety, chemical dependency, sexual compulsivity, or who simply desire to improve their lives. Our wellness platform provides materials and solutions that allow your company to adequately and affordably meet the needs of your teams, their families, and your company. Our progressive employee assistance program includes mobile apps, human interactions, and websites that offer personalized and directed program materials. We also provide crisis assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Impact Suite partners with companies no matter the size to create a more robust set of benefits for employees.

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A Single Hub to Access
All Your Benefits

No benefit can help an employee if they don’t know how to access it. The Impact Suite app offers a single solution with its user-friendly hub that serves as the gateway to services like teletherapy and 24/7 crisis support. Employees can download a single app during onboarding and then rest easy, knowing that help is one tap away.

A Suite of On-Demand Self-Care and Prevention Tools

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People need help in ways that make sense for them. That's why we provide an on-demand suite of comprehensive mental health and wellness apps that focus on critical and specific lifestyle areas. Our goal is to engage all employees, not just those in need of professional intervention.

Raise—Parenting in the Digital Age

Raise is a free parenting resource that helps families navigate the challenges of today’s digital landscape. Created in partnership with The Malouf Foundation and a team of experts, Raise helps parents keep their children safe online. Raise is free— and always will be— thanks to corporate partnerships like yours. When you join Impact Suite, you’re supporting Raise and helping to spread it around the world.

Raise - Parenting in the Digital Age

Raise is a free parenting resource that helps families navigate the challenges of today’s digital landscape. Created in partnership with The Malouf Foundation and a team of experts, Raise helps parents keep their children safe online. Raise is free— and always will be— thanks to corporate partnerships like yours. When you join Impact Suite, you’re supporting Raise and helping to spread it around the world.

The Science Behind Impact Suite

The series of on-demand employee wellness tools from Impact Suite is shaped by ongoing, hopeful research from a wide variety of sources. This includes findings about in neuroplasticity and brain changeability, social determinants of health, and therapeutic lifestyle change. We combine modern research and innovative approaches with time-tested, traditional interventions like talk therapy. Our approach is backed by hundreds of studies exploring the impact of specific adjustments to lifestyle and environmental factors. These studies continue to demonstrate the many good reasons to expect significant healing and recovery from mental health and behavioral struggles. That message of scientifically-supported hope is embedded in all of our programs.

Are Company Wellness
Programs Worth the Cost?

Healthier employees help cut rising healthcare costs and significantly improve your bottom line. Healthier employees also create a healthier culture and cut rising healthcare costs, positively impacting the bottom line. A robust and viable corporate wellness program that is easy to engage with gives your organization the competitive edge to attract and retain top talent.

An independent analysis of real wellness outcomes from the Impact Suite apps determined that, on average, each dollar spent on Impact Suite saves employers about $3 in healthcare costs and another $3 in reduced productivity or missed work. Impact Suite will help your company optimize the cost of healthcare by providing a directed suite of services that address and aid with improving lives, finding healing, working towards recovery, and personal growth.

Impact Suite understands that any program must show value for a company to adopt it willingly. That’s why we offer high quality services at lower cost than our competitors.

Through our smart analytics reporting, we can show companies not only their adoption rates, but also the actual anonymized wellness outcomes of their employees based on wellness averages in self-reported app check-ins from employees. Impact Suite's corporate employee wellbeing programs continually evolve to meet the needs of your employees and their families. We aim to help your teams succeed in their personal realms, which affects their ability to work. When our programs are utilized throughout a business, employees feel important, valued, and cared for. Their productivity increases, as does their loyalty. Your company is built on the strength of your teams, and Impact Suite helps you build the strongest team from the inside out.

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Treat Your Employees Well
and They Will Do The Same

Employees spend a significant amount of time working, so correlating wellness goals with work-life balance is essential for advancing business outcomes. Having a corporate wellness program is imperative to the foundation of a thriving business.

Building a successful corporate wellness program takes time but goes much smoother with a wellness solution like Impact Suite that is easily embedded in your organization's culture. Additionally, our products aim to help individuals achieve their personal wellness goals, which in turn can make employees more capable of supporting the business's goals.

Real-Time, Meaningful Help, with Whatever Your People Are Facing

With Impact Suite, your employees get the support they need to achieve personal wellness and growth through a suite of award-winning digital wellness apps, messaging trained coaches, and access to certified therapists. No matter what challenges your employees are dealing with, we provide real help, in real-time.

Contact Impact Suite to Start Impacting Your Teams for Good

No matter what you, your employees, or their family members are struggling with - from mental health challenges to addiction, from sexual compulsivity to creating a higher quality of life - there is hope. You can impact your company’s most important assets by providing your employees fresh perspective and a concrete pathway to lasting freedom and wellness. Contact Impact Suite and learn more today.